The new Grayson high school hall Essay

Today want to share my feelings towards the new Grayson high school hall p asses. The lanyards that the adman agitators at Grayson have provided us are our excuses for releasing the students to travel in the hall. The lanyards are unsanitary, they are inconvenience NT, and they are not reliable. Like the antiquated system of hall passes, the lanyards are ineffective , and they need to change. Do you honestly believe that every single student who uses the lanyards for t he restroom washes his or her hands after using the facility?

Personally, every time I use the facility see students leave it without cleansing their hands. These lanyards are used daily; thus, it is extremely unsanitary. Using these lanyards can contribute heavily to the spree ad of malicious diseases. Diseases cause students to become sick and unable to attend shoo I. When students are unable to attend school, they fall behind on work and are even further hinder De in the academic career. That truly breaks my heart to see any student failing in their academic s because of such a silly policy. The lanyards are not only disastrously unsanitary, but they are also horribly in nonviolent.

They are primarily inconvenient for the school’s staff members because if the administration were to release new colors of the lanyards at various periods of times, they w old cause more work for something that shouldn’t be a problem. The passes provide an Nixon Venice for the students because the old hall passes, agenda books, are no longer in use. Mo SST students used the agenda book primarily as a hall pass, therefore phasing out their use as one e encourages their use.

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