Rachel Papell Essay

Music is also deeply meaningful because it can affect some one’s mood and how they think about something. I listen to music when I’m sad, when I’m trying to relax, before sleep, and on my bus in the morning so I can wake up. Listen to music because it m sakes me happy. Music gives me time to connect to my inner self, makes me look at things in n w perspectives, and lifts my spirits by releasing stress.

When I listen to music, gain wisdom through my feelings to the music about my inner self. My reaction to my music is different depending upon the type of music I’m listen Eng to. For example: When I’m in an angry state, listen to Mine because I feel like if I admit to myself that I’m angry it helps me let think of a better solution. When I’m trying to be in a happier stats e, I listen to Florence and the Machines because now that I let go of those feelings that are unhappy and let the song consume me so that feel an immediate release.

When I’m getting ready for b De, I listen to “Somewhere over the rainbow’, by Isaac Okinawa because this mellow so Eng helps me at this point of the day need to let go of all the stress and pressures so I can relax a ND have a blissful sleep. There are many different ways that I can soothe myself with various choc ices of music, and now its even easier because I can find the exact type of music I need very easily y on tunes.

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