Problems That Families Face in Canada Essay


A Family is a group of people who resides in a family. which consists of several different types of households. Most jobs such as divorce. maltreatment. intoxicant or drug related jobs and child maltreatment normally are the chief quandary faced by Canadian households. If these jobs keeps reoccurring to households in Canada the inquiry we will hold to inquire ourselves will households maintain on quickly diminishing because of these present jobs faced by Canadian households? In my sentiment that’s why I wanted to encompass this subject because if these jobs continue in the society we really see a great alteration in the household construction in Canada. Besides I want to touch on how child related such as acceptance. teenage gestation and other jobs are major issue of why there is a negative in alteration in the household construction. Normally in instances like these in footings of household jobs I would non travel off my ain premise I would besides obtain positions from the Functionalist. Conflict. Feminist and Interactionists

Types of Families

We realize that a household is relationship in where unrecorded together with a committedness to organize an economic unit see the group of critical to their individuality and other grounds. Certain types of households would be

A societal web of people based on common lineage. matrimony or acceptance is the footing of household construction. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) The extended Family
A unit compasses of relations in add-on to parents and kids all of who live in the same family. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )
The atomic Family
Then we see after the old ages when industrialisation was that atomic household was created This is fundamentally a unit is composed of one or two parents and his/ her / their dependant who live apart from the relation. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )

Single parent household
A household that merely has one parent running the family. Most of them in Canada being the female running the family and going the breadwinner. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )

Position on the altering household

In each societal job we realized that couldn’t tilt to our apprehension of why certain jobs are go oning in the society we must decidedly include the sentiment from the sociological facets from the Interactionist. Feminist. Conflict and Functionalist. Basically from the Interactionist point of position is that communicating is an of import portion of understanding household functions which each member drama in the family. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) They fundamentally analyzed how each member of the household act out their functions and respond to the parts played by others so we see that the household tend to develop through interactions between each other. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) What the interactionists are stating that most jobs in the households are cause by adult females going more individualised and society stressing romantic love. which is chiefly as unrealistic outlooks. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )

From the women’s rightist theory they believed that males are more dominant than female manner before capitalist economy and ownership of belongingss became an economic system. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) In more surveies of the women’s rightist they said that work forces labeled themselves as the “ staff of life winners” because they are the higher-ups and adult female were the inferior 1s. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) Besides because of this inequality this lead to spousal maltreatment in footings the rates of spousal homicide has decreased but as of class female deceases higher are than males refering this fact. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) Besides the struggle theorists think the same as the women’s rightist what they think is that households are fundamentally beginnings of societal inequality and struggle over values and entree to resources. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )

Besides one of the chief grounds is that conflict theoretician say that adult females and kids are fundamentally owned by the male figure and they are about like mill workers. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) From the functionalist position they fundamentally stress the importance of household and keeping stableness of the society and the well being of people. They are stating that household kind conveying an individuality to an single such as supplying economic and psychological support. supplying a societal position for that member and socialization and educating kids. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )

Child related Problems

Child related jobs in Canada is one of ways of why likely households change in some manner as you can see these related can harmful effects on childs on the society today. We see certain jobs of why certain childs have a certain negative behaviours because these certain quandaries can convey on depression and dying behaviours. besides some jobs such as maybe acceptance and maltreatment can forestall a kid from mending from emphasis related depressions I feel these play a portion in the manner childs behave and they manner household construction shaken up to some of these kid related jobs. Parental Absence in this state of affairs that can alter a household construction. In certain parts of Canada it shown largely female parents were more present because analyst proved that 78 % of the adult female that were married and populating with a spouse but 22 % of the household were taken attention by adult females of most of the clip but Canada does hold some. but non excessively many places. where the pa is the lone parent in the house. ( Serbin. Temchiff. Cooperman. Stack. Ledingham and Scwartzman 2010 )

I feel that most households need two parents in the place because a pa would supply fiscal support. security and in my instance talks and lessons and you would necessitate a female parent for TLC ( stamp loving attention ) . In which the kid miss any of these turning up the kid might be losing certain values in life for illustration: if a boy grew without a pa you see that sometimes the male child might turn up kind of “soft” because there was no manful figure nowadays. Adoption is decidedly one of the related jobs to a kid. Adoption is a legal procedure through which the rights and responsibilities of rearing are transferred from a child’s biological and/or legal parents to new legal parents. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) It is a present job because the hardest to make as household who adopted a kid is really interrupting the intelligence to the child that non that childs existent parents and that can be really thwarting for a immature kid. ( Serbin. Temchiff. Cooperman. Stack. Ledingham and Scwartzman 2010 )

Another large job would besides be drug/ intoxicant maltreatment. We see that in the society that many immature childs our sing drugs at a early age such as marihuanas and chiefly intoxicant substances. These drugs if taken at a early can possibly impact the kid either physically or mentally. Childs that fundamentally do drugs and intoxicant at a changeless mainly has hapless norms in school and they tend acquire into a batch of problem this is where in footings the parenting comes in to play about parents learning childs non make drugs. ( Serbin. Temchiff. Cooperman. Stack. Ledingham and Scwartzman 2010 )

In Canada One of the immense issues are chiefly adolescent gestations. Over the old ages adolescent gestation has grown enormously in the ranks and most gestations happen to teenage misss in bigger metropoliss such as Halifax. Quebec and Newfoundland. We see that adolescent gestation conveying out two subjects which is poorness and deficiency of employment chance because harmonizing to societal analyst teenage female parent are unskilled at parenting and largely to drop out of school and chiefly non holding plenty societal support. . ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 )

Parent related Problem

In confronting societal jobs we have to recognize non merely kids face jobs but besides adults face many jobs as the leaders of the family. Domestic force fundamentally more female parents and childs face this job because they are largely the victims. ( Dufour. Clement. Chamberland and Dubeau 2011 ) Mother are largely hurt injured. raped or assaulted by their hubbies or person else and besides the childs can be affected by this every bit good. ( Dufour. Clement. Chamberland and Dubeau 2011 ) Spousal force is a portion of Domestic force where the adult male brings force towards his married woman in certain instances she can stop up in infirmary or even dead because most of the per centums are adult females.

Work forces are less likely to be victims of bridal force. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) Divorce is another job that parents may travel through. Divorce is a legal procedure of fade outing matrimony which permits the former partner to remarry if choose to make so. ( Kendall. Nygaard and Thompson 2011 ) The ground divorce sometimes is fro many such as faith for illustration: your lover is likely an atheist and you believe in God so that leads to some kind confusion and divorce can go on through position of occupation where the adult females in a double earner place makes more than hubby that can take to some immense confusion and divorce.

Final ideas

In my concluding idea I believe that most of these issues that change the household construction such as adolescent gestation divorce and intoxicant and drug related issues is. in my sentiment. chiefly caused by poorness. In Canada we have a batch societal categories upper. center and lower category but in footings of poorness we have two types of poorness which is Absolute and comparative poorness in where absolute poorness is when a household doesn’t have the income to supply the basic human necessities such as nutrient H2O and shelter. Relative poorness is about the in-between category household who can decidedly afford the basic demands but they can non afford all humble things for their kids such as instruction and insurance. Besides from poorness kids is being malnourished because they should be eating healthier because households that are non financially strong purchase unhealthy nutrients.

Besides another emphasis for parents because they could non acquire certain occupations because they lacked higher instruction from their earlier yearss they have to take low entry occupations with low benefits. I have experienced poorness as a kid a turning up every bit stripling when I moved into in grandmother’s vicinity it was the worst vicinity. My brothers and I were surrounded by drugs. poorness and bad friends besides we suffered kid maltreatment where my grandma would merely crush us sometimes merely for traveling out side but here in Canada you can collar your parents for training but non where I was from you merely took whipping and move on. I felt my brothers and I experienced a batch of societal jobs chiefly because of poorness I felt if we where better fiscal wise I think our lives a whole batch better.


Kendall. Diana. . Vicki L. Nygaard and Edward G. Thompson 2011. Social Problems in a Diverse Society. 3rd Canadian edition.

This was our text edition for this twelvemonth the author fundamentally explained societal jobs that people face in Canada

Dufour. Sarah. Marie- Eve Clement. Claire Chamberland and Diane Dubeau 2011 “Child Abuse Disciplinary Context: A Typology of Family. ” Journal of Family Violence

The aims of this survey were to place and formalize types of violent household environments based on kid maltreatment in a disciplinary context. The survey is original in that it at the same time takes into history the cognitive and behavioural dimensions of the parental function as it relates to the grade of household force in a child’s life.

Serbin. Lisa A. . Caroline E. Temchiff. Jessica M. Cooperman. Dale M. Stack. Jane Ledingham. Alex E. Schwatzman 2010. Predicting household and other disadvantage conditions for kid rise uping from childhood aggression and societal backdown: A30 twelvemonth longitudinal survey.

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