Key The Age Of Exploration Essay

Why was Prince Henry of Portugal nicknamed “The Navigator”? Henry founded a center for the improvement of shipbuilding, navigation, and map making; organized and financed voyages down the African continent. Henry did a very good job of educating others about exploration. What technological improvements made exploration by sea possible in the lat e sass? New navigation instruments (crossroads, compass, and astrolabe), better maps , and the caravel made sea exploration possible.

All of this new tech oenology allowed for improved travel. The compass and starts label allowed for explorers to determine latitude. The crossroads helped measure the angle of t he sun. The caravel allowed for further travel at a faster rate with more goods. Mathematical table SE were also introduced to provide for better maps when traveling. Why did the Portuguese want to explore the west coast of Africa? The Portuguese wanted to explore the west coast of Africa to increase trade a ND to find a new sea route to the East.

The west coast of Africa provided the Portuguese with new ports of access. The e network of trade created allowed for more goods to be moved and therefore more money for t e Portuguese economy. How did Portugal profit from the colonies it established off the coast of Africa It increased Its direct trade with the Africans and set up plantations to grow s sugar for export to Europe. More trade for the Portuguese meant that they could establish permanent cool ones in a place that no other European power had yet been to.

Remember how Italy dominated the Mediterranean? Now the Portuguese could make a profit without having to deal with the Italians. Review 1. How did Prince Henrys center for navigation help establish Portugal trade Eng empire in the sass? Advances in the science of navigation made at Prince Henrys center enabled t he Portuguese to send the first expeditions down the African coast. These voyages led to the pop engine of the route to the East, which, in turn, helped Portugal to establish its trading empire.

Portugal wanted to be the first ones to expand their empire to the coast of Afar IAC, similar to someone calling “shotgun” for the passenger seat in a car. Henry took the steps necessary rye to put Portugal in a first place position when exploration began. 2. Why did Prince Henry want to find a new source of African gold for Portugal The Portuguese needed gold to help pay for their imports. Henry wanted to if ND the source of African gold so that Portugal could obtain it more cheaply.

Portugal bought into the belief that in order to become more wealthy, they ha d to find new ways to get to goods without having to go through Spain or any other European count rye. Once Portugal found their new source, they wanted to hold onto it as tightly as possible. 3. Why weren’t technological advances enough to launch an new era of Europe mean exploration? Seafaring explorers had to overcome their fear of the unknown and obtain fin uncial backing for their expeditions. In order to take these types of epic trips, the explores needed three things; m none, bravery, and education.

Henry the Navigator’s school helped make explorers more aware o f new technology and tactics. Financially, if you were not connected to a royal family there is a pretty low chance you would be able to afford all of the goods that are put into an expedition. As for the iris KS, that was a person by person decision. Some people possess the guts to do these types of journeys, while some do not. 4. Why was the tiny island of SAA Tome important to the Portuguese? The Portuguese set up plantations on SAA Tome.

They produced sugar economy amicably and sold it at great profit in Europe. Sugar was an extremely important cash crop. The more of it you had, the moor e money you could make selling it to foreign markets. Therefore, SAA Tome became an important strategic location for Portugal. 5. Bayou were a Portuguese ruler in the sass, would you support exploration n? Why or why not? Answers vary: Students should mention that rulers had to weigh risks and expo ensues against potential benefits.

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