Hearts and Minds Essay

Movies and docudramas have a manner of touching the lives of many. For the most portion. they are geared towards the exhibition of truths that are hidden from other people. The docudrama. “Hearts and Minds” . mirrored the legion troubles experienced by the Vietnamese in the custodies of the American soldiers. The rough worlds shown by the American soldiers towards the Vietnamese was rather hard to believe. for we all know how the Americans would care for any other single. Directed by Peter Davis. the documental showed different cartridge holders that prove the rough attitude towards people at that clip.

Even the address of former President Lyndon Johnson was shown in the said documental. To give people a great feel of the said timeline. much of the most celebrated inside informations during that peculiar clip were shown. The type of music. apparels. and even some old archives were shown. In this mode. it would go easier for the audiences to understand what was being explained to them. I admire the collage feeling provided by the docudrama. Together with the voice over. watching the docudrama was like watching any other historical how. However. what sets it apart from the remainder were the heartbreaking worlds exhibited.

I could non assist but inquire as to how people were treated below the belt and how other people could bear doing hurting to others. One of the scenes that caught my attending was the funeral of a soldier. Surrounding the casket were sorrowing people. including the household and friends. However. for some ground. one sorrowing lady was stopped from following the casket being laid to rest. This peculiar scene was contrasted with a cartridge holder demoing the interview of the general who led the Vietnam War. Furthermore. there were several other interviews included in the docudrama.

Although I am non of Vietnamese. beginning I was heartbroken by the troubles experienced at that clip. For the longest clip. they experienced hurting. both physical and emotional. while they struggled to raise their households consequently. A peculiar scene exemplified the adversities endured by the Vietnamese during that peculiar clip. The scene showed how the captives of the war were sitting restless and non paying attending to what their employer had in head. I felt commiseration with the status these people experienced. toppled by the inordinate anguish and inhumane humiliations provided by the American soldiers.

After watching the docudrama. one could non assist but oppugn what has been taught in category during our younger yearss. I was surprised at how the result of this war has been. including the engagement that the American soldiers portrayed. However. due to the extended information provided. some critics may besides organize their ain decision as to how the said war was used as propaganda. On the other manus. it would be expected that some people would choose to be biased towards the Vietnamese and see them to be victims of the American business.

Regardless of everything that has been said. I believe that we all have our ain perceptual experiences towards things. Personally. I believe that the end of this movie was to demo the other side of history that non everyone was cognizant of. In this mode. I would be able to organize my ain beliefs as to how people would be able to larn from these hurtful experiences. It is useless for us to maintain on life in the past—we should all travel frontward in assisting do a different in this life-time. I must state that I recommend this movie to everyone. particularly those who are presently analyzing about the history of the United States.

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