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Dreams 2 Essay, Research Paper


I don t think there is a individual alive that isn T filled with dreams, ends and ideals. These things are a portion of life and human nature. We all have the inbred desire for a good life. That is we all want to hold a nice place, a good occupation and money, a topographic point to raise our childs without fright or concern, and everything our Black Marias desire.

Now that we have our dream, we set up ends and ideals about life that will take us to recognizing that dream. But it s non easy. It s a batch of work, and forbearance. That s the difficult portion.

There are many illustrations of people fighting to recognize dreams in literature that can be used as illustrations, encouragement, or even warnings in our ain battle.

Take Death of a Salesman. For Willy Loman life was full of dreams, ends, and exalted ideals about life. Willy dreamed of being rich and successful, as most people do. When Willy realized his dreams for himself probably would ne’er go world, he turned to his kids. He pushed them to be what he thought was the right sort of individual for success. Willy believed that one needed to be liked, respected, loved, and good looking to be successful. If you had all these things success would merely fall into topographic point. He drove his kids to be all these things and more, so that they would win where he had failed and deliver him in some manner. He spent his full life working towards this dream, which is All right, but Willy took it excessively far. His dreams for himself were ne’er realized and when his dreams for his kids fell through every bit good he went nuts. Willy began get awaying into a dream universe, traveling back in his head to when times were better before everything went twirling down the drain. Willy refused to accept his failure and allow it eat off at him until it killed him.

Miller s message in Death of a Salesman is clear. Don t Lashkar-e-Taiba failed dreams and unre

alized ends get to you. There are many degrees of success, and if you look to the good in your life and the felicity that does be you ll recognize you are a success, even if things aren t precisely how you planned.

Another illustration of people working towards a end and dream is that of the Joad household in Grapes of Wrath. They began in Salisaw Oklahoma, where they were being run off their land like 100s and 1000s of other husbandmans in the Midwest and Central United States. So, for the Joads, and the caches, the dream became California. The land of rich green vales and fruit Fieldss where they could get down over, where they could settle on a new piece of land and work to feed their households. It wasn t easy for them either. They struggled twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours with decease and unhappiness, hungriness and famishment and the unbelievable unfairnesss inflicted on them by the rich few in California who saw the migrators as the new category of helot.

However in their battle they learned new things about life and people. If you re in demand, in injury, or in problem go to hapless people they re the lone 1s that ll aid. The migrators learned a batch about human nature, greed, dreams, and world. Traveling across those 1000s of stat mis was decidedly a life lesson.

Steinbecks message appears to be that dreams are something you have to work at. They won T merely go on, no affair how much you wish, hope, and pray for them. Life is a changeless battle that you have to work at.

Dreams are a normal portion of life. Everyone has them and that s good. Dreams are something that keeps us traveling, gives us ends to endeavor for and a ground to populate, but they are non the lone ground, and they do non ever come true, out of the failed ends and unfulfilled dreams of life come new and better 1s. Ones that we can accomplish and we must larn to happen felicity in what we have, non brood on what we could hold had, been or done.

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