Comparative analysis of marketing communications strategies Essay

Marketing – The Procedure

Precisely defined, selling is the procedure of planning and put to deathing the construct, pricing, publicity and distribution of thoughts, goods and services to fulfill clients ( Google ) . It is a dynamic procedure of guaranting a close tantrum between the nucleus competences of an organisation and the external demands placed upon it.

The cardinal function of selling is frequently associated with the promotional facet of a merchandise or service. It consists of doing the consumer aware of what you ‘re offering, and converting them to purchase it.

Marketing Communications & A ; Marketing Communications Mix

Marketing Communications takes a spring further to streamline the actions a house takes to pass on with end-users, consumers and external parties. It identifies the best media available for any peculiar merchandise or service to pass on with the market ( Smith & A ; Taylor, 2005 ) . It is chiefly concerned with demand coevals and merchandise and service placement.

The selling communications mix is basically a conceptual model that helps to construction the attack to selling. It covers all the communicating tools available to a seller, such as advertisement, gross revenues publicity, direct selling, sponsorship, e-marketing, corporate individuality, etc.

This study is an effort to analyze the selling communications schemes and mix for consumer vehicle trade names in the UK, viz. Skoda and Volkswagen Passenger Cars ( now-on referred to as Volkswagen or VW ) . These are two sister companies and therefore an interesting comparing.

Automotive Industry & A ; Selling

The competitory nature of the car industry in the UK has prompted the car makers to research new and advanced selling schemes to queer the deathly competition. Almost all companies offer diverse scope of vehicles in about all sections as a portion of their selling scheme. This is in the enterprise to do certain that the client is driving one of their vehicles merely.

The car industry relies non merely on one medium of advertisement and publicity ; instead they aim to develop a combination of about all options to go forth the most impact-ful trail of selling. The audio-visual medium is a fury since it gives the vehicle makers an chance to flash their autos. The print medium, on the other manus, provides an chance to explicate the maps of a auto in item and highlight their alone merchandising proposition ( USP ) to the clients. More late, the car industry has shifted focal point to the online medium, researching the cyberspace, which offers greater flexibleness in footings of using its synergistic characteristics such as showing the insides of the auto with its salient characteristics, etc.

Aims & A ; Aims:

The purposes and aims of the study shall stay the followers:

Study the car industry kineticss in the UK, with specific focal point on history and development of Skoda and Volkswagen as significantly of import trade names.
Analyze the selling communications schemes and tactics used by Skoda and Volkswagen to contend competition.
Study the runs, media used and the trade name image projected by Skoda and Volkswagen and how successful have they been in making out to their mark.
Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal
UK Automotive industry – Market Overview

The UK automotive sector is a extremely flexible, dynamic and a planetary endeavor. The UK is the 12th largest car manufacturer in the universe and UK auto industry has ever been export-oriented and is known for sole trade names, such as the Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Jaguar. Amongst the cardinal transnational participants are: Ford, Toyota, Diamler-Chrysler, GM and Volkswagen. The top five UK auto manufacturers include Nissan, Toyota, Honda, MINI and Land Rover ( Cunningham et al. , n.d. ) .

The automotive sector in the UK is in a province of changeless alteration which is imperative for accommodating to disputing commercial, regulative and technological tendencies worldwide. However, at present, the UK auto industry is in major convulsion. With recognition crunch, gyrating oil monetary values and delicate consumer assurance, the industry is witnessing its worst since 1966. The purchasers are eschewing franchises in droves and the makers are in deep ideas of how to resuscitate the worsening gross revenues.

The lag in the UK mirrors the hard conditions being experienced across the chief European markets.

( Paul Everitt, SMMT ) .

The major tendencies in the UK automotive industry over the last five old ages, as identified by the Society of Motor Manufacturers & A ; Traders Ltd ( SMMT ) , depict the followers:

UK new auto market has eased in recent old ages, after witnessing a extremum of 2.579mn in the financial twelvemonth 2003. The market is now contested by many trade names.
Fuel-efficiency is a large issue in the UK automotive industry.
UK vehicle end product has declined, but will retrieve over the following 18 months ( figures as of 2007 ) .
In the twelvemonth 2006 there were 1.65 million autos and commercial vehicles ( CVs ) produced in the UK entirely.
In the twelvemonth 2006 the UK new auto market eased to 2.345 million units, its lowest degree since 2001.
Estimates show that over 2 million vehicles are presently scrapped each twelvemonth.
Global automotive market is really positive and is mostly driven by Asiatic demand, in peculiar in China and India.
Skoda- The Brand and the Re-Branding

Skoda Auto is an car maker based in the Czech Republic. It was one time one of Europe ‘s taking manufacturers of quality, extremely engineered autos but its lucks plummeted under the post-Second World War communism phenomenon. It was until 1989 when Volkswagen took a 30 % interest in the beleaguered auto house, that there were any marks of hope for the upheaval of the company. In 21991, Volkswagen bought Skoda outright and this was when the ‘journey of betterment ‘ triggered off for Skoda. Backed by VW ‘s expertness and investings, the design of Skoda, both in footings of manner and technology, improved greatly.

Although Skoda autos were rather at par with those of the challengers, in footings of map, manner and value for money, the full trade name image of Skoda lagged far behind. As Chris Hawkens ( Marketing Director Skoda, 1999 ) stated: All the research showed rather significant degrees of rejection of the Skoda trade name by consumers. ( Creativity Works, 2003 )

Trying to Sell Skoda ‘s is Like Trying to Sell Nuclear Waste.

Hawken took up the enterprise to dispute the negative perceptual experiences about Skoda and to make a new trade name platform to guarantee future growing. The action program called for invention and a carefuly incorporate selling communications scheme which comprised of three nucleus strands:

Direct selling
Public dealingss
As a consequence, the full image of the Skoda trade name improved and finally changed wholly.

Volkswagen – The Brand

Volkswagen commercial vehicles is another trade name of the Volkswagen group, like Skoda, and is a separate trade name to Volkswagen Passenger Cars since 1995. VW ‘s relationship with the UK car industry dates back to 1952 when the first two theoretical accounts of Beetles were introduced into the market. In 1953 Volkswagen Motors Ltd officially became the UK importer, and the trade name thereon went from strength to strength and became to be knows as the ‘people ‘s auto ‘ . The Volkswagen Passenger Cars trade name runs a combination of three nucleus values: ‘innovative ‘ , ‘providing digesting value ‘ and ‘responsible ‘ .

Technology, people and the environment rule the doctrine and actions of Europe ‘s largest car manufacturer.

Double selling has been the key for Volkswagen. It is non about stuffing multiple messages into one run, ratherrunning multiple runs on different messages at the same time. Volkswagen has more frequently indulged in establishing many theoretical accounts jointly and therefore has exploited this selling scheme. The runs of 2006 provide a authoritative illustration of this phenomenon at Volkswagen: the ‘Unpimp my drive ‘ run about design and control, the ‘obeying your fast ‘ run for the GTI and the ‘safe happens ‘ bold Television ads for the Jetta.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology
The research methodological analysis for this study entails a careful blend of both primary and secondary beginnings available.

Primary Beginnings of Datas

Five clients of Skoda and Volkswagen were indiscriminately interviewed for their positions about the selling schemes of both the companies, utilizing open-ended inquiries to give maximal response. This helped to measure their response towards the media and runs deployed by these trade names and to measure the extent of impact and incursion of the selling tools used into the mark clients.

Attempts were made to interview at least one dependable forces from the several companies. However, due to miss of clip and confidentiality issues of the company, this manner of research did non give any dependable information for rating intents.

Secondary Beginnings of Datas

The secondary beginnings tapped include assorted books, published stuff, both from functionary every bit good as unofficial beginnings and both from electronic every bit good as print media. These include adept reappraisals on the selling schemes of each company, company one-year studies and other reliable related articles available on marketing schemes of Skoda and Volkswagen. Assorted advertizements, both from the print every bit good as electronic media, have besides been carefully studied to carry on a comparative analysis for both the companies.

Chapter 4: Discussion & A ; Analysis
Skoda – Turning Negative Percepts into Positive

Rather than seek to do it into a hero trade name, which was n’t realistic, we made it the underdog, and everyone ‘s on the side of the small cat. ( James, 2002 )

Under the selling communications scheme deployed by Hawkens and the advanced ‘It is a Skoda, honest ‘ run, the market portion of the company about doubled. He confronted head-on the auto ‘s negative image utilizing elusive, intelligent wit, aiming Skoda ‘rejecters ‘ exactly.

The rejuvenating selling communications scheme of Skoda comprised of ( James, 2002 ) :

Ad: targetting the full state, chiefly through Television.
Drect Selling: targetted prospective purchasers and bing clients, designed to promote test-driving the new auto.
Public Relations: played a auxiliary function by image-changing articles. Imperativeness was fed with information about motoring awards and VK backup. The success narratives about Skoda now read ‘History ‘s biggest rejoinder since Bobby Ewing stpped out of the shower, the new Skoda is hep and sexy – yes, sexy. ‘
For a budget of about $ 7 million, Skoda witnessed increased gross revenues, more than 23 % , over the class of the 18-month run which marked the turn-around for the trade name ( James, 2002 ) .

Skoda ‘s Marketing Communication Mix

The recent selling communicating scheme of Skoda constitutes the undermentioned cardinal elements:

Television Advertising – Most Talked About Add of 2007

Television advertisement has ever been a win for Skoda. The ‘baking of ‘ attention deficit disorder of 2007 is a singular illustration of the strategic advertisement vision of the company. The award-winning attention deficit disorder featured a group of maestro bakers making a lifesize auto out of bar – frost, jelly headlamps and “ full of lovely material ” strapline. The ‘Favorite Things ‘ soundtrack provided the background mark for the highly attractive recepie.

The bar attention deficit disorder was so a extremist move for Skoda. It was accompanied by columns in taking diaries and magazines as the PR squad took the enterprise to direct bar Sns with ingredients to journalists. As a portion of the direct selling run, cocoa scented air fresheners were sent to possible and bing custoemrs of Skoda. Bing an highly bold positoning, Skoda adds communicated the message of how Skoda delivered exceeding client service ( Turner, 2007 ) .

Award winning web site

Skoda UK ‘s official web site ( ) is yet another critical component of the selling communications mix of the trade name. The extremely attractive, alive and prosecuting website played a important function in fostering the selling mix of Skoda. Its on-line selling run won it laurels in 2008- the ‘Best Motor Manufacturer Home Page ‘ and ‘Best Motor Manufacturer for Purpose Intent ‘ ( ) . The standard for judgement included factors such as web design, usage of life, easiness of pilotage, and hunt tools available. The site ‘s originative effectivity has been demonstrated by a singular 400 % addition in petitions for trial thrusts and booklets.

MyClick Technology

Skoda has indulged in a nomadic WAP site MMS MyClick advertisement platform as a recent communicating scheme. This is an enterprise to present a alone trade name experience to consumers on their Mobile devices.The image acknowledgment engineering of MyClick allows Skoda to make terminal users with instant services wherever they are. Skoda is utilizing this thought to supply an synergistic platform where nomadic users can entree its ‘Believe In Life ‘ information by merely snaping their nomadic phone camera ( Roberts, 2008 ) .

Volkswagen ‘s Marketing Communications Mix

Volkswagen, the trade name, deploys two cardinal elements in its selling communications scheme:

Online Selling

The official web site ( ) provides the most life-like experience of taking a auto on the cyberspace. It allows the visitants to entree the retail merchants ‘ booking systems and book trial thrusts in existent clip. Besides they are able to see which theoretical accounts are available at any specific clip and retail merchant and do on-line reserves. The dynamic feedback mechanism employed by the web site allows the client to hunt and modify their preferable auto in existent clip – hence, as ab initio imagined by Volkswagen. The web site is much antiphonal and provides a much richer client experience

Double Marketing – Volkswagen and the Bluess

A multi-tiered, to the full incorporate selling scheme was incorporated for the multiple-model launch in 2003, with the aid of The Blues promotional squad ( Volkswagen and The Blues, n.d. ) . The selling scheme adopted covered a diverse scope of communications media including:

Television and wireless ads
Online selling on The Blues web site
Paid advertisement: print ads in taking diaries, in-flight selling run with major national air hoses
Events selling: Radio City concert, presence at cardinal movie and music festivals, etc.
Accessory merchandises
Educational outreach: Letter from Volkswagen and logo presence in Teacher ‘s Guides sent to 45,000 instructors countrywide.
Chapter 5: Decision

Skoda has gone from rubbish to prize with the overpoweringly advanced selling scheme of the Volkswagen group. This can be accredited to merely revamping the selling communications mix, which even called for complete riddance of typical elements such as sponsorships. Alternatively it focuses chiefly on four cardinal facets of selling: advertisement, direct mail, public dealingss and more late on-line selling. Ultimately transforming the company image from a ‘joke ‘ to a ‘hero trade name ‘ , the right selling scheme and timely deployment of that scheme have radically changed the perceptual experiences of Skoda and it is today one of the fastest turning auto trade names in the UK.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars, on the other manus, is a trade name of the same parent group, nevertheless with much lesser prominence as compared to that of Skoda. The most outstanding characteristic of VW ‘s selling scheme is dual selling, vis- & A ; aacute ; -vis the three-pronged scheme of Skoda. Both trade names have strong market presence and are working efficaciously with their single selling schemes. However, those deployed by Skoda are much more impact-full and far-reaching than VW ‘s.

Chapter 6: Recommendations

Skoda is suggested the following set of recommendations:

Although the negative perceptual experiences have withered off, the positive prepossessions are to be secured. Hence, Skoda needs to advance a ‘we-are-not-as-bad-as-you-think ‘ feeling.
Make a new communications subject that is able to prolong the trade name ‘s sense of individualism, without Skoda being perceived as ‘just any other auto trade name ‘ .
Volkswagen Passenger Cars is suggested the following set of recommendations:

Enhance the selling communications mix with more accent on the advertisement runs, such as those launched by Skoda.


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