Medical care in East Bengal

He talks about the people that are dying from lack of food, shelter and lack of medical care in East Bengal and what the people around the world can do to prevent this room happening, how we are morally obligated to help those less fortunate, what marginal utility is, and also how charity relates to the people that he is trying to help. Peter Singer wrote an article for people to know about the lack of shelter, food and medicine that is all over the world, but especially in East Bengal.

He says it is within our power to prevent this from happening by duty or charity to help other people in faraway places or even the people in your neighborhood (www. Utilitarian. Net, 2013). Singer wants the people to give more than they armorial do, without sacrificing the needs of our families in the process. The magnitude of what is happening in East Bengal in 1971 still applies to what is happening around the world today.

Singer has many different ways to help people look at, for example, people are dying from lack of food, shelter, and medical care are bad but he looks at us to make sure this does not continue to happen (www. Utilitarian. Net, 2013). He said we are morally bound to help those that are less fortunate than us so that we can prevent death happening around us by giving to needy families starting round us. He also said that if we are all able to give at least $5. 00 to help those less fortunate then we should as long as it does not interfere with taking care of our families.

Although it is easier to judge what a person needs when they are close in proximity to you, it makes them no less necessary to be able to get help than those in faraway places (www. Utilitarian. Net, 2013). Singer’s concept of marginal utility is equality for everyone, which means that if one man were to make fifty dollars an hour then so should the next person Moser, 2010). He wants everyone to be able to live and die without having to starve, do without shelter, or medical care.

He wants to be able to give to the less fortunate without hurting their dependents and themselves. Singer’s idea of duty is to prevent something bad from happening, without sacrificing anything that is morally important, and then we are supposed to do it morally. Singer’s idea of charity is beyond duty and what is already obligated because he wants us to a great deal for others that was established by Thomas Aquinas and is usually the traditional view of how you interpret charity.

Singer gives a lot of opinions about how everything is supposed to work with in the world and how people that you do and don’t know suffer every day and many different ways we can help to prevent it. I would love to be able to help more people out, but with a large family like I have with one income coming into the house, we juggle with making sure we have food to eat, even gas to get the kids to the doctor and having bills paid to make sure we continue to live in our home ND hoping I don’t get sick because don’t have any health insurance.

I know that it could be a lot worse than what it is right now with so many people being out of work and not having any income, but I do go and buy the homeless people food when they ask for money. Although you have to be careful now with so many people getting scammed onto giving money to people who stand by the road everyday just to pay their bills and make more than people who actually have a “real” job. I understand that Peter Singer just wants equality for all people UT I don’t think he saw the darker side to what has become of people today.

I don’t think that he would stand behind his viewpoint like he did in 1971, because 2013 is definitely a different era with a lot more problems. We have more teenage pregnancy that accounts for some of today’s people lack of food, shelter and medical care (vow. Stomacher. Org, 2013). The numbers have went down here in the past few years compared to what it was in the early sass’s and early offs years, because more teens are abstaining from having a sexual relationship until hey are married.

I have always tried to do the right thing and help those that are less fortunate than me because I was always taught to treat other as I want to be treated or to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I have a large family and we always need to pay this or take at least one child to the doctor. Then you have the other people out there that don’t care about no one but themselves and what they can get out of other people and this can make it hard to trust that people need your help because actions speak louder than words.

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Shelter and lack of medical care

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