Trying to immigrate to America Essay

That these individuals are not, and have never been, criminals and how they merely seek to find refuge in the states and instead are imprisoned and abused. Identical does not say that all immigrants should be allowed into America, her main focus is how many are unfairly treated while they are here. She talks about the desperate situations that so many immigrants have come from. In many cases, the reason that these people are trying to immigrate to America is because they are trying to escape from the violence and poverty of their own countries.

Immigrants come to the united states not to commit acts of crime but are looking to start a new life in America, and Identical argues that we should consider the desperate situations oftenest people, let them into our country, and treat them with respect. Ukrainians argues that our ineffective immigration laws leave us “naked in the face of the enemy. ” He goes further by saying that “a fuller understanding of the issue is necessary if we are to fix what needs to be fixed and reduce the likelihood of future attacks. Isn’t it understandable that hose people would want to escape from violence and poverty? Until such people can find peace and prosperity in their own countries, there is going to be a continued push for immigration into the U. S. We should not push desperate people out of our country because they might be a ‘threat to national security’. Because in almost every case, these people are men, women, and children just like ourselves, without the tremendous fortune of being born in America. According to Identical, shutting off immigrants in need is not the right thing to do. Owe nearly every American citizen would try to do the same for themselves and for their families if they were in a similar situation. While Gregorian argues for stricter immigration laws, Identical seems to be leaning towards the opposite approach. She never says so directly, but she seems to be arguing for looser immigration laws-which conflicts directly with Ukrainians argument. By telling the story of her uncle, Identical argues that Americans really have not considered the true desperation of those who are trying to immigrate.

For the most part, those who are trying to immigrate into America are not doing so because they wish to harm the country. Rather, they are doing so out of pure desperation in hopes that they might possibly find a better life for themselves and for their families in America. Does the Ignited States treat immigrants like terrorists? Many believe that the immigrants are suspected to be terrorists as the base assumption. Guilty until proven innocent. Homeland security does not need to beat or imprison immigrants in order to not allow them into the country.

America is a nation of immigrants, it is portrayed as the land of opportunity, and I think everyone should have a fair and equal chance at that opportunity. Gregorian sees them as too loose; the majority of al-Quad members were working towards gaining rights as immigrants to intensify and broaden the effects of their terrorism. Identical sees them as stringent and inhumane. When her uncle made it to the united States, he was running for his life. He was seen as a criminal, when the only reason he had these death threats was because the Haitian police and the LLC used his home as part of their mission.

People with bad intentions slip through the cracks while innocent and needy people can’t get the care or protection they need. America is supposed to be the shining city for all, a beacon of hope for those who need it. When we look into the face of an immigrant, we need to understand that they are human. Not all immigrants have bad intentions as those in al-Qaeda do. I understand the need for standards and procedures, but do people like Attendant’s uncle need to suffer and sometimes die? I don’t think America is living up to its principle Of social justice and dignity for immigrant .

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